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Simulated Learning CenterNew England Sinai Hospital's Simulated Living Center is uniquely designed to help re-develop, practice and master the essential skills needed to perform daily life tasks, safely, once patients return home.

Our Simulated Living Center is controlled, supervised, and fully staffed by licensed physical and occupational therapists. The simulated settings, like our restaurant booth, take-out counter, living room, and garage area give individuals the chance to build confidence in true-to-life scenarios without compromising safety. Scenarios and physical exercises include:

  • Learning to navigate the aisles of a busy supermarket
  • Reaching or bending, in various poses, to safely retrieve items on store shelves
  • Lifting heavy bags of groceries with proper postures healthy for your body
  • Safely maintaining balance while standing in a shower and getting into or out of a bathtub
  • Bending to use an oven while preparing meals
  • Walking safely on carpeted and hardwood floors
  • Making change and reading menus

New England Sinai Hospital's physical, occupational and speech-language therapists work with patients to regain maximum function.

Simulated Living Center
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