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Alzheimer’s Day Health Center

The Alzheimer's Day Health Program at New England Sinai Hospital provides a continuum of comprehensive medical, psychosocial, nutrition and leisure activities that promote self-esteem, dignity and independence to individuals with  Alzheimer's. Through life experience validation and failure-free activities, this therapeutic environment promotes a feeling of well being that carries through to time spent at home. The Sinai Alzheimer's Day Center is certified by the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Association.

Specially Trained Staff

The Alzheimer's Day Health Center's staff includes a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, social worker, activities coordinator and program assistants. Our dedicated staff is trained in providing care for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease.

Overview of Services

The Alzheimer's Day Health Center staff develops an individualized health care plan for each participant based on physician's orders, as well as rehabilitation and nursing assessments.

The following services are components of the Alzheimer's Day Health Center:

  • Skilled nursing, which includes assessment, treatment, monitoring of Alzheimer's' participant's condition and basic nursing care.
  • Supervision and administration of medication.
  • Two nutritious meals and a snack prepared under the direction of a registered dietitian.
  • Social and recreational activities designed to meet the needs of individuals with Alzheimer's. Activities are based on life skills and include music, historic recall, and support with activities of daily living. All programming is focused on achievable tasks that promote self-esteem.
  • Ongoing communication with the participant's personal physician.
  • Rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, speech and personal nutritional assessment.
  • Education to assist the family with their role in the treatment plan.
  • Counseling, caregiver support groups and social services for families.
  • Referral services to community-based health and social agencies.

Location and Hours

New England Sinai Alzheimer's Day Health Center is located at 143 York Street in Stoughton (directly across from the hospital).

The program is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Each applicant is evaluated by the Alzheimer's Day Health Center's staff on an individual basis. To be eligible for the program, participants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Need day health services a minimum of two days a week
  • Have a personal physician or primary health care provider in the community
  • Have a place to return to at night, and a family member or friend to provide appropriate care


The Alzheimer's Day Health staff will help arrange appropriate transportation for each participant. Options include transportation by:

  • The participant's family or friends
  • Community-based service
  • A contract transportation service


The cost of participation in the Alzheimer's Center is primarily the responsibility of the family or participant. However, Medicaid, as well as the Veterans Administration, does cover Alzheimer's adult day care. In addition, some home care agencies and some limited insurance coverages provide support to families.

Alzheimer's Program Tuition Aid

The Sinai Alzheimer's Scholarship Fund is a unique scholarship program to help local families with expenses by offering financial support for individuals to attend the center. Depending on need and available funds, the scholarship can provide financial support to attend the program for five days a week.

Download the application form or for more information about the Sinai Alzheimer's Scholarship Fund, call 781-297-1375.

Learn More

For more information about New England Sinai's Alzheimer's Day Health Center, please visit our program. You can make an appointment by calling the admissions director at 781-297-1375.

Contact us to learn more about outpatient services at New England Sinai Hospital.

Alzheimer's Day Health Center
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