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Occupational Therapy

The goal of the Outpatient Occupational Therapy Department at New England Sinai Hospital is to help regain and/or improve the physical and motor skills needed to lead an independent, productive life. Some people want to return to work; some to daily living skills so they can function independently; and some to participate in leisure activities. We treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Hand and upper extremity orthopedic conditions
  • Post surgical intervention
  • Repetitive strain/work related injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Arthritis

Program Benefits

  • Facilitate independence with self care and daily living skills
  • Increases joint range of motion, strength and coordination to improve function
  • Fine motor skills
  • Preventative approach to minimize stiffness, contractures and re-injury

A Collaborative Approach

We recognize that individualized care and a team approach are essential for achieving the best rehab results. You will be carefully evaluated by your Sinai occupational therapist with whom you will collaborate in setting attainable goals and developing a function-based treatment plan to meet your specific medical needs and maximize your independence. Your licensed therapist will provide you with one-on-one personalized rehab treatments as you move toward your recovery goals.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

In developing your rehab treatment plan, we utilize the most current techniques, computerized equipment and specialized services including:

  • Modalities
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Splinting
  • Energy conservation/work simplifications

Sinai Outpatient PT and OT Departments earns FOTO™ Certificates of Excellence

New England Sinai Hospital continues to earn Certificates of Excellence in Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy by Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc., (FOTO) since 2005. FOTO certificates of excellence are presented to only a select group of providers across the country to recognize the excellence achieved in effectiveness of treatment during the past twelve months. As a nationwide outcomes database and reporting service for healthcare providers, FOTO outcomes data are beneficial because they provide a benchmark measure for overall quality and value of the services offered by an organization.

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Outpatient Occupational Therapy Department
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