Preparing For Your Stay

Upon Your Admission

A member of our Admitting Department has spoken with you and/or a member of your family about your medical program and your estimated length of stay at New England Sinai Hospital.

When you are admitted, you or a family member will be requested to complete the necessary paperwork on the day of your admission. A staff member will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.

It is important that you bring all insurance cards, your completed health care proxy form, if you have one, and any other requested forms.

What You May Need

There are a few items you will need to bring with you at the time of admission. We encourage people to dress in street clothes during their recovery at Sinai. Please bring several changes of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Clearly mark all personal items and/or their containers, and assistive devices with your name. Also, be sure to bring a good pair of socks and walking shoes. Some other optional items you might consider bringing are:

  • Reading material, stationary.
  • Small personal items, such as photographs, to make your room feel more comfortable to you.
  • Pocket change to purchase newspapers, postage stamps, etc.

Please leave jewelry, credit cards and large amounts of cash at home. If you bring these items with you, we request that they be given to your family to take home for safekeeping. Also, please leave any personal medical equipment, wheelchairs, etc., at home unless specifically requested by your treatment team.

Patient-Centered Care

At New England Sinai Hospital, we are committed to patient- and family-centered care. You have the right to designate a family member or friend as a spokesperson for you during your hospital stay. This person will act as your support person, will be the point person for team communication, and will be able to update others on your condition.

Quiet Hour
Your health and healing are our top priorities. Studies have shown that a quiet environment helps healing. Sinai is conducting an initiative to reduce the noise within our hospital. We have implemented quiet hour from 1-2 p.m. each afternoon and evenings from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. You will receive a “Quiet Bag,” which includes a head set, ear plugs and eye mask to assist you with your rest.