Speech and Language

Speech and Language

The goal of New England Sinai Hospital Outpatient Speech-Language Pathology Department is to evaluate and treat people who, as a result of an injury or illness, have speech, language, swallowing, or cognitive deficits.

Speech and Language

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Speech Therapy Programs Provided at New England Sinai

We specialize in patients with respiratory difficulties, neurological issues, including stroke and head injury, as well as other complex medical conditions that affect communication and swallowing. Certified speech-language pathologists help you improve your functional cognitive and communication skills, determine a healthy dietary plan for safe oral feeding and teach compensatory strategies and home programs.

Conditions Treated By New England Sinai's speech-language pathologists
  • Aphasia
    • Difficulty understanding and comprehending verbal and written information
    • Difficulty expressing wants, needs, and ideas verbally and/or graphically
  • Dysarthria/Apraxia
    • Motor speech disorder (slurred, discoordinated) speech
    • Difficulty formulating sounds in an appropriate sequence
  • Dysphagia
    • Difficulty swallowing food, liquid, or pills
    • Coughing or choking during meals 
  • Cognitive-Communication Deficits
    • Difficulties with memory, problem solving and organization
    • Stuttering
    • Voice
    • Head and neck cancer
    • Laryngectomy
Program Benefits

Our certified speech-language pathologists help you achieve an enhanced quality of life by using state-of-the-art technologies and diagnostic testing to optimize your performance in speech, cognition, and swallowing. Our specialized speech-language programs are designed to meet individual needs and to increase independence in daily life.

We help patients with:

  • Training of compensatory swallowing techniques
  • Training and education on dietary modifications
  • Improving language expression and comprehension
  • Improving cognitive-communication skills, including memory, problem solving and organization
A Collaborative Approach

Our speech-language pathologists work with you, your family, and your referring physician to evaluate problems and develop a treatment plan that is just right for you. To make certain that individual medical care needs are met, our dedicated treatment team may include other specialty areas such as neuropsychology, ENT, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

In developing your treatment plan, we utilize the most current techniques, computerized equipment and specialized therapy, including:

  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Modified barium swallow study (MBS)
  • Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)
  • Individualized aphasia treatment
  • Simulated living situations
  • Functional swallowing therapy
  • Lee Silverman voice therapy
  • Cognitive therapy for workplace reintegration