Adult Day Health Program

Adult Day Health Program

The Adult Day Health Program at New England Sinai Hospital provides a safe, structured, and therapeutic environment for adults needing day-time health care assistance outside of their homes.

Adult Day Health Program

143 York St., 
Stoughton, MA 02072

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Each program participant receives an individualized health care plan based on physician orders, social service, activity and nursing assessments. Our caring and compassionate Adult Day Health Program staff includes registered and licensed nurses, activity staff, program assistants, and a social worker.

The Adult Day Health program is located at 143 York Street in Stoughton, Massachusetts, and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our services include:

  • Skilled nursing for assessment, treatment, monitoring of each participant’s condition and basic nursing care
  • Supervision and administration of medications
  • Two nutritious meals and a snack daily
  • Social and recreational activities based on achievable tasks that promote self-esteem and dignity
  • Ongoing communication with each participant’s primary care physician
  • Education to assist family members with their roles in the participant’s treatment plan
  • Counseling and social work services for participants and families
  • Referral services to community-based health and social agencies
  • Neuropsychological evaluation and rehabilitation services are available in collaboration with New England Sinai Hospital

Program Testimonials

"I have my wife enrolled in your Adult Day Health Program on Mondays and Wednesdays. She has Alzheimer’s, having been diagnosed in 2015. We have been married for sixty years, and she is the 'heart of my heart.' I thought I could take care of her with any and all diseases through our years of marriage after saying in 1961: '…through sickness and health…' but I find I do need some time by myself to gather my breath and mind with her disease. My loving daughter suggested your program and signed her up to participate in it. At first, every Monday and Wednesday when I brought her to the facility, I would sit in my car with tears rolling down my cheeks, feeling guilty of leaving my soul mate without me, and couldn’t wait until 2:30 to see her again. But I must say and admit that your program with Dina, Jackie, Ali, and Laurie, four of the most beautiful, caring, pleasant, and cheerful women, l feel comfortable leaving her there. And, contrary to what we think about Alzheimer’s, my appears to remember going there every time, although she thinks she is still working and acting as a teacher."

- Adult Day Health Program Participant's Husband

Program Satisfaction

New England Sinai's Adult Day Health Program receives high marks for patient and family satisfaction. Here are some responses to a recent survey asking participants and families how the Adult Day Health Program has improved their quality of life.

"I have peace of mind when I go to work."

"My mother-in-law has a place that she enjoys, is excited to attend and willing to participate."

"I feel more alert and now move around more."

"Allows time for ME while my family member is receiving great care and I don't have to worry."

"I now have more friends and social life."

"It gets him out of the house and away from the TV. For me, I get several hours to myself."